Cloudy 96 beta 5
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Setting the path
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This is a beta of the next version of Cloudy.  Instructions for downloading the source and atomic data, setting up the executable, and compiling the ancillary files, are given on this page.  

Note:  Beta 5 is "feature complete" - all of the planned physical advances are implemented in this version.  The final version should be released towards the end of Spring 2003.

Please help by letting me know of problems, differences with previous versions, or suggestions for making the code better, or improving these instructions.

If you have trouble with accessing this site with your browser, you can still get the files by anonymous ftp.  The site is, and you should cd to pub/gary/c96.  Files are in subdirectories located there. gradj is a Linux box so use binary mode ftp transfer mode if you are using a Mac or Windows computer.

Setting up this version

  1. Get a copy of Hazy, the documentation for Cloudy.  
  2. Download the current version of the code and data.
  3. Edit path.c to tell the code where the data files live.
  4. Compile the code. 
  5. This explains how to execute the code.  This page shows some examples of calling Cloudy as a subprogram to compute grids of models.
  6. You must compile some stellar data files if you want to use the Atlas, CoStar, and Rauch stellar atmosphere continua.
  7. Run the test suite to confirm that all is well.
  8. Hot Fixes  A set of corrections to the source, which will be incorporated in the next incremental upgrade, are listed in the Hot Fixes page. It is very important that you edit the source to incorporate these Hot Fixes since they correct known problems. The source you obtain here does not have any of these these fixes included. (Reason: this is the source that created the output files that are downloaded with the test suite.  You can validate your system/compiler by confirming that this source reproduces that output.  This source and output constitute a reference for where the code was at a particular time.)

The Cloudy 96 Revision History lists changes that have occurred in the upgrade from C94 to C96.

Known problems with this version are described here.

Here is an important note on execution time with grains

A diversion

While doing all that downloading you might be interested in Cloudy's favorite song in mp3 format (from Simon & Garfunkel's Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme).

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