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Cloudy would not exist today had it not been for the continuous support by the NSF since 1980, most recently through AST 03-07720.  NASA has provided  support through its LTSA and ATP  programs.  A generous allotment of time on the high-performance machines of the University of Kentucky Center for Computational Sciences are also gratefully acknowledged.

Acknowledgements for help with C96

The grain physics in this version of the code was developed by Peter van Hoof.  Robin Williams has led the development of the dynamics and hydrogen molecular network.  Ryan Porter is doing the helium-like iso-electronic sequence.  The hydrogen molecule is being developed with Gargi Shaw, Phllip Stancil, and Mihaela Mihalache-Leca.  Kevin Volk added several new stellar atmosphere options.

Beta 6 or final release;  Christian Bridge, Marcus Copetti, Orly Gnat, Donglai Gong, Marcelo Medeiros Guimarães, Kirk Korista, Enrique Pérez Montero, Hiroaki Oyaizu, Joop Schaye, Henrik Spoon

Beta 5 or final release:  David Ardila, Dinshaw Balsara, Ehud Behar, Melekh Bohdan, Oli Luiz Dors Jr, Torsten Elwert, John Everett, Donglai Gong, Kirk Korista, Andrey Kravtsov, Valentina Luridiana Peter Martin, Jonathan Mittaz, Antonella Natta, Kieran O'Brien, Jane Rigby, Henrik Spoon, Christopher C Stevenson, Adrian Turner, Kevin Volk, Tinggui Wang

Beta 4:   Doron Chelouche, Donglai Gong, Bohdan Melekh, Christopher C Stevenson, Yumihiko Tsuzuki, Kevin Volk

Beta 3:  Thanks to David Ardila, Ilse van Bemmel, Maria Luce Bruscoli, Marcelo Castellanos, Will Henney, Roderick Johnstone, Anton Koekemoer, Kirk Korista, Rich Norris, Edward Parrott, Mario Perinotto, Julian Pittard, Jason Prochaska, Jane Rigby, Henrik Spoon, Yumihiko Tsuzuki, Kevin Volk, Yong Zhang, and Robin Williams.

Beta 2: Thanks to  Dick Henry, Kevin Volk,  and Robin Williams.

Beta 1:  David Ballantyne, Mike Eracleous, Kirk Korista, Christopher Stevenson.  

Acknowledgements for help with C94

C94.01:  Peter van Hoof has played a major role in developing new methods and uncovering bugs.  Many people helped by finding problems, making suggestions, or simply asking questions about confusing points.  These included David Ardila, Marcos Copetti, Kirk Korista, Jifeng Liu, Valentina Luridiana, Pat Romano, Mario Perinotto, Jon Slavin, Kevin Volk.

Beta2: Many thanks for Marcos Diaz, Oli Dors, Dalton de Faria Lopes, Peter van Hoof, Raquel Morales, Henrik Spoon, Lowell Tacconi-Garman, Peter R., Young.

Beta1:  Many thanks to Roderick Johnstone, Kirk Korista, and  Kevin Volk.

Acknowledgments for help with C90

Many people helped by finding problems, making suggestions, or conducting tests.   These included: Dana Balser, Bob Blum, Mike Brotherton, Simon Casassus, Jane Charlton, Weihsueh Chiu, Mark Elowitz, Brian Espey, Mark Giroux, Mike Goad, Fred Hamann, Uffe Hellsten, Dick Henry, John Houck, George Jacoby, Roderick Johnstone, John Kartje, Jim Kingdon, Randolf Klein, Christian Knigge, Anton Koekemoer, Mike Kopko, Vincent Le Brun, Anthony Leonard, Rene Liseau, Valentina Luridiana, Bhaswati Mookerjea, Paul O'Brien, Tino Oliva, Enrique Perez, Sabine Philipp, Rafael Reyes, Dimitra Rigopoulou, Ravi Sankrit, Sandra Savaglio, Greg Schwarz, Eric Shulman, Mark Shure, Jon Slavin, Randall Smith, Stephanie Snedden, Henrik Spoon, Michele Thornley, Karen Vanlandingham,  Peter van Hoof, Kevin Volk, James Wadsley, Jao Wei-Chun, and Bob Williams.

Version 90 of Cloudy was a team effort, involving Kirk Korista, Dima Verner, Jason Ferguson, Jim Kingdon, and Katya Verner. The bugs are mine, but this version would not have been possible without their help.

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