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Contributed software
Quantitative spectroscopy
Cloud Collection


The Commonwealth of Kentucky

Contributed software

Software contributed to drive Cloudy - Aaron Barth's Perl scripts, instructions for driving a C code from Fortran, and interactive wrappers by Henrik Spoon and Kevin Volk 


My notes on converting a large Fortran program to C are here

Reliability in the Face of Complexity - the Challenge of High-end Scientific Programming, 2001, by Gary Ferland, my contribution to "Spectroscopic challenges of photoionized plasmas", ASP Conference 247  PDF

Quantitative spectroscopy

Dima Verner's Atomic Data for Astrophysics

Peter van Hoof's Atomic Line lists

Kirk Korista's Quasar Emission Line Grids


Plasma 2000 - The Challenge of High Resolution X-Ray through IR Plasma Spectroscopy

Quasars and Cosmology

The 1994 Lexington Meeting includes Bob Rubin's photos and a pointer to the published version of the meeting summary.

The public lecture Bob Williams and Storey Musgrave gave at UK on HST and its repair.

Cloud images

The ISI listing of the most highly cited researchers in several branches of the sciences.

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