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Hazy comes in three volumes:
Vol. 1 gives a summary of the code and a complete discussion of its commands.
Vol. 2 describes the numerical procedures.
Vol. 3 goes over the machine environment, the output, and how it relates to observations.  

Download Hazy in PDF format here.  Last changed 2002 Dec 14. The three volumes are a set of Adobe Acrobat files packed into a single tar file. It may be necessary to obtain a PDF Reader,  free from Adobe. This file is tar'd but not compressed.

This paper (van Hoof et al 2001, PDF or ps) describes the new grain physics. 

This version of Hazy gives a complete description of C96, but it will be updated when the final version of C96.00 is ready.  Please do not print this version!  This is a preliminary draft and may change a lot.

Next step: download the source and data files. 

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