Quantitative spectroscopy
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A picture may be worth a thousand words,
but a spectrum is worth a thousand pictures

Basic data for quantitative spectroscopy

bulletDima Verner's Atomic Data for Astrophysics home page.
bulletThe PlasmaGate guide to atomic and plasma data bases
bulletMing Feng Gu's ftp site for his FAC atomic physics package
bulletVanderbilt University (Charlotte Fischer et al.) MCHF/MCDHF Collection
bulletThe Cowan code for calculation of HF radiative rates
bulletThe CfA set of links to data bases.
bulletThe Chianti project at NRL.
bulletTOPbase, the Opacity Project data base.
bulletThe Collaborative Computational Projects (CCP) is a collection of numerical codes based in the UK.
bulletBob Kurucz's web page with links to databases and codes
bulletCCP7 maintains a list of quantitative spectroscopy resources, with a links at STScI.
bulletThe SAM Project generates very high quality atomic data.
bulletThe Planetary Nebula Emission Line Catalog at STScI
bulletNIST Physical Reference Data
bulletAl Wootten's page of molecular references
bulletHITRAN molecular data basechemistry
bulletThe UMIST Database for Astrochemistry 1999
bulletThe MIS ISM modeling codes and data base
bulletWorld-wide molecular resources
bulletTom Abel's primordial chemistry page
bulletThe Astro-chemistry data base
bulletThe Ames Astrochemistry Lab,  and the Jena page of optical constants.
bulletThe ORNL/UGA Charge Transfer Database
bulletThe Cologne Database for Molecular Spectroscopy
bulletSpectroscopy Now, Wiley's Publishing's spectroscopy portal
bulletThe Controlled Fusion Atomic Data Center at Oak Ridge
bulletAladdin, the Oak Ridge fusion data base
bulletThe  Auburn-Rollins-Strathclyde data collections at Oak Ridge

Spectral synthesis codes and results

Plasma and X-Ray codes

bulletThe Cloudy home page
bulletThe PlasmaGate guide to free software for atomic and plasma physics
bulletTim Kallman's code XSTAR 
bulletRalph Sutherland's Mappings III code
bulletThe Raymond-Smith code is widely used to simulate conditions in and emission from shocks.
bulletThe spex software package is also used to understand X-Ray emission.
bulletKeith Arnaud's XSPEC package is used in the quantitative analysis of X-Ray spectroscopy.
bulletPandora, by Eugene H. Avrett and Rudolf Loeser , models the solar chromosphere.

Emergent continua from stellar atmospheres

bulletPeter Hauschildt's home page, with results from his Phoenix code.
bulletTlusty, the stellar atmosphere code by Hubeny & Lanz.
bulletThomas Rauch's home page, with grids of results for hot stellar atmospheres from the Tübingen NLTE Model Atmosphere Package
bulletDaniel Schaerer's page, with results from the CoStar stellar atmosphere work.
bulletA. Pauldrach's WM-Basic project, both a code and grid of model atmospheres.

Other results

bulletMats Carlsonn's multi code does many-level NLTE model atoms.
bulletElectronic forms of the Storey & Hummer hydrogenic emission results (MNRAS 272, 41)
bulletThe He-like iso-electronic sequence, from Bautista & Kallman (2000, ApJ, 544, 581)
bulletKirk Korista's Quasar Emission Line Grids

Meetings, newsletters, & etc

bulletThe International Astronomy Meetings List, from CFHT
bulletThe Plasma 1999 meeting in Mexico
bulletThe May 1998 La Serena meeting on Luminosity Indicators in Quasars.
bulletThe March 1998 Nebraska Meeting on Active Galaxies
bulletThe December 1997 Oak Ridge Symposium on Atomic & Nuclear Astrophysics
bulletA summary of the X-Ray spectroscopy workshop held at the AAS HEAD Meeting, Napa Valley, CA, Nov. 5, 1994
bulletThe CADC list of all astronomy meetings.
bulletThe International AGN Watch home page.
bulletThe Forum for Amateur AstroSpectroscopy


bulletRob Rutten's set of Stellar Atmosphere notes
bulletThe NIST review of atomic nomenclature
bulletThe X-Ray Data Booklet from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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