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Gary Ferland


In Lexington

Gary Ferland first met Cloudy in August of 1978.

Nick Abel is developing the molecular network for application to star-forming regions.

Robert Bauman is taking the lead in updating the treatment of He I emission.

Ryan Porter has developed the current implementation of the he-like isoelectronic sequence.

Gargi Shaw is working on the large model of the hydrogen molecule.

Friends and foreign associates

Peter van Hoof created the current grain physics.  He wrote most of the files grains.c, mie.c, and qheat.c, the files that include the grain physics, Mie scattering theory, and quantum heating routines.

Kevin Volk created the original version of the quantum heating routines, and has been responsible for most of the routines that make it possible to use stellar atmosphere files.

Fred Hamann, a frequent collaborator

Kirk Korista worked in the project during the mid-1990s.

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