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Revisions to Hazy 90

Revisions to the October 1997 version for C90.05

punch ages command was introduced in C90.05.   The output gives the depth into the cloud (col1, cm), and timescales (seconds) for (col2) cooling, (col3) H2 formation,  (col4) CO formation, and (col5) hydrogen recombination.

table stars rauch command has two keywords with version C90.05.  If no keyword appears then the solar abundance set will be used.   If the keyword HALO appears then the abundance set with reduced metallicity will be used.  It is necessary to download the new sets of Rauch atmospheres from his web site (as described in the setting up stellar atmospheres page) and recompile them (the old format will not work).   Note that he has extended the temperature range - stars as hot as 1,000,000 K are now available.

compile stars only xxx There is a new keyword, "only", on the compile stars command, in version 90.05.  Only one of the stellar atmospheres will be compiled if this option appears.  One of the names "Rauch", "Werner", or "ATLAS" must also appear.

Turning off the end-of-line character.  An option to ignore end-of-line characters on the command line was added too late to appear in this version of Hazy.  By default anything on a command line following a colon, semi-colon, or percentage sign is ignored.  This allows for in-line comments to follow on the command line.  Entering the keyword no_eol somewhere on the line turns off in-line comments. This must be used when the path is set on a DOS machine, since a directory path (e.g., "C:\cloudy\stars") contains an end-of-line character.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Brian Espey and Kirk Korista for pointing out typos.

Revisions to the June 1996 version

Page 33, the background command. The redshift dependence in version 90.01 of the code was changed to that given by Vedel, H., Hellsten, U., and Sommer-Larsen, J., 1994, MNRAS 271, 743. This is about 8 times fainter than the Ostriker value at a redshift of 4.

Page 94, first paragraph, column 4 is only the emission in the outward direction

page 94, 3rd line from bottom, column 7 is the reflected and transmitted continuum.

page 95, the output from the punch emitted continuum has changed. Column 1 is the photon energy, column 2 is the continuum plus line emission reflected from the cloud, and column 3 is the outward continuum plus line emission. Column 4 is the sum.

page 99, one of the three keywords must appear.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Valentina Luridiana for pointing out typos.

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