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Hot Fixes to C90.05

These are small changes that will be incorporated in the next revision of the code. These only apply to the current version of the code stored on this site. In the following, the corrections that should be made to version 90.05 are indicated by line numbers within specific subroutines.

2000 March 23.  The inward and total optical depths of the HeI l10830 line were initialized to large values in a static spherical geometry.  This inhibited convergence in low-density models.  Edit routine tauout.f and delete lines 147 through 151.  The block to delete is the following

*     HeI 10830 when static
      if( lgStatic ) then
        t10830(ipLnTauIn) = 100.
        t10830(ipLnTauTot) = 200.

This only affects static spherical geometries, and its main effect was to slow convergence.  Many thanks to Valentina Luridiana for discovering the problem.

Line extends beyond column 72 in humla.f.   Edit routine humla.f and go to line 71.  It should changed to 

      dest = (1. - albedo( iphl(2,1) ) ) * dest +
     1 albedo( iphl(2,1) )*dest0

The problem was that the line began with a tab and extended beyond column 72, so that the variable dest0 was interpreted as de.  This should have been caught as an error because of the implicit none at the start of the routine.  None of the compilers I tested the code on noticed this, perhaps somehow related to the fact that the line began with a tab character.  Thanks to Valentina D'Odorico for finding this error.  99 Nov 11  

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