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Changes to Cloudy 84

84.12a July 18, 1994 amoeba changed to print-only routine.

84.12 July 12, 1994 code runs on alpha

84.11 June 94 several bugs in hydrogen molecular equilibrium correct - these affected very high density cases (n>> 10^10 cm^-3) recombination coefficients to hydrogen like stage below closed shell have changed - affects intensities of lines of Li-sequence ions like CIV, Mg II, and CaII

84.09 Dec 3, 93, error in [SiIX] IR line excitation potentials

84.08 Nov 10, 93, error in S+6 photoionization cross section, wind velocity not computed correctly, stop thickness not exact

84.06f July 31, 93; end of visit to CTIO. H2 trace logic added to dr choice. oscillations, initialization of HeI, HeII fixed. Collision strengths within 6D ground of FeII to Pradhan and Zhang '93 changed CS data for Si II to Dufton and Kingston 91 - BIG change in 1814; added 3 more Si II lines, major change in CS for 1808 line

84.06 July 12, 93; several stability problems fixed, several bugs discovered by Shaefer, bug in TABLE ATLAS and TABLE WERNER commands discovered by P van Hoof, in fluctuations command by K Kwitter, transferred MgI 4561, S Schaefer found problem in log interpretation of table power law command,

84.04f April 18, 1993 punch grain opacity command did not work, overrun of optical depth scale caused oscillations at high density, problem with low temperature ionization continuity over 1000K break due to approximations in rec coef not joining well, fixed oscillation in VERY high U models due to pair production change in helium ionzation dr logic for high U model oscillations; new collision strengths for AlII AlIII SiIII and SiIV, those for AlIII are quite different

84.03a March 22, 93, this and 84.02 fixed various instabilities that developed for densities greater than 10^12 cm^-3.

84.01a r1/r0 factor missing in one punch continuum, punch continuum was off by a scale factor in spherical models. Discovered by Kirk Korista.

84.01 March 4, 1993 line driving in winds (below) not properly computed, formalism changed, in good agreement with analytic estimates of Nahum Arav, but only four lines (CIV, NV, OVI, and MgII) included

84.00d March 3, 1993 iostat not properly checked in Volk routines, code would not have failed gracefully

84.00c March 2, 1993 code for line driving acceleration had been commented out, was turned back on, no effects on test cases

84.00b Feb 21, 1993 divide by zero in test complo for version 1.4 of sun compiler. no effect on preditions

84.00a Feb 19, 1993 divide by zero in test complo for version 1.4 of sun compiler. no effect on preditions

Changes to Hazy

version a (i.e., hazy1a, etc) 22 March 93, many small corrections to original document.

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