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The code distribution consists of two large gzip'd tar files, one containing the source and the other containing the atomic data.  The source with unix-style end of line characters is available here, and the data here.  The source with Windows end of line characters, in zip format, is available here and the data here.

The two files must first be uncompressed with gunzip, WinZip, or a compatible program. If you are on a unix clone the command to unzip a file named name.tar.gz would be "gunzip name.tar.gz".  You will end up with two tar files, one containing the source (sourceXXX.tar) and another with the atomic data (dataXXX.tar), where the XXX indicates the version of the program (it will be something like source_c9601.tar). 

There is no directory structure within the tar files.  First create subdirectories named "data" and "source".  On windows or a unix clone this would be done with commands "mkdir data" and "mkdir source".  

Next move the tar files into these directories. To move a file name file.tar into a directory named "dir" on a unix clone, use the command "mv file.tar dir".

Move into each directory and explode the tar file in each.  Do this with the command:

tar -xf name.tar

where "name.tar" is the name of the file.  The files will explode within the subdirectory you are in when the tar command is given.  The data and source directories each contain readme.htm files that give more details about the contents of each directory.

Next step: edit path.c to point to the data files. 

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