Problems in C94
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Known problems with the current version of Cloudy

Problems that can be corrected with small changes to the source are listed on the Hot Fixes page.

The emissivities for the Balmer continua, with entries Bac 3646, nFnu 3645, nFnu 3647, cout 3646, and cref 3646, that are returned by punch lines structure and punch lines emissivity commands, or by calls to cdEmis, are incorrect.  This information cannot be recovered.  In a future version the structure and emissivity commands will return zero rather than the incorrect prediction.  Thanks to Marcos Copetti for discovering this problem.  2003 Feb 6.

The output from the punch transmitted continuum is incorrect.  This will be fixed on the next revision.  The short-term fix is to use column 5 of the punch continuum output rather than the punch transmitted continuum command (they should be the same).  Thanks to Stefan Kimeswenger for uncovering this problem  2000 Jan 03

The code may not find a solution when the initial conditions are fully molecular.  Discussed further here.

The radius dependence on the hextra command tends to infinity at the illuminated face of the cloud.  The radius dependence should not be used.  Thanks to Ivan Hubeny for finding the problem.  2000 April 28.

The atomic number in the punch charge exchange command is off by one.  Thanks to Jon Slavin for discovering the problem.  2000 May 9.

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