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Cloudy is under constant development, with a new build occurring almost every day.  Every night a Perl script checks whether the code has been rebuilt and runs the full test suite if it has.  The source, data, and test suite are copied to the "last" directory beneath this ftp site before the tests are computed. 

If the test suite ran perfectly (no botched asserts) then the files are copied to the "last_good" directory on the same ftp site.  If botched asserts occurred then a summary of the problems are copied to the "last" directory and "last_good" is not updated.  Both directories will have a file named "problems.txt", a list of all occurrences of the string PROBLEM in the test suite output, and a file named "errors.txt", which lists all botched asserts (this file will be empty in the "last_good" directory).

The files have the same format in both cases.  Data, source, and the test suite are in files that start with names data, source, and tsuite.  Versions with Unix end of lines are located in tar'd and g'zipped files (their name ends in "tar.gz"), and versions with Windows end of lines are located in zip files. 

NB  The code in these directories is in a totally undefined state.  There may be extra print statements for debugging, physical processes may be disabled, or new trial processes introduced.  It probably will not reformat your hard drive.  This is not meant for the faint of heart.

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