Postdoc available

We invite applications for a post-doctoral fellowship to work on the physics of photoionized flows. The applicant will become a member of a team consisting of Gary Ferland, Will Henney, Robin Williams, and Jane Arthur. We are working to develop the numerical techniques needed to simulate a photoionized flow, such as a blister H II region flowing from a irradiated molecular cloud, and incorporate them into the plasma simulation code Cloudy. The initial application will be to the Orion star forming region, but we anticipate applying the methods to other environments, including Starburst Galaxies and strongly shocked regions.

We are looking for a collaborator who will take the lead in applying the numerical simulations to understand the spectroscopy.  An overview of our project was published in Ferland, Henney, Williams, & Arthur, 2002, Revista Mexicana 12, 43.

Applications should have a PhD in Astronomy or a related field, and some knowledge (or willingness to learn) hydrodynamics, radiative transfer, the physics of the interstellar medium, and stellar winds. Other useful skills should include programming experience in C or C++ and the development of large scale scientific codes. The initial appointment will be for one year, with likely extension for a further year (subject to funding and performance). Applicants should send a curriculum vitae, a brief summary of research experience and interests, bibliography, and the names of three references to Gary Ferland.


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