This page outlines how to create and use a makefile for Cloudy, using gcc and its associate make utility.  It is based on experiences of Peter van Hoof in using gcc with the code.

Create a dependencies file:  The first step is to create an information file, called Makefile.dep, that explicitly describes how the various files depend on one another.  Create it with the following command:

gcc -MM *.c > Makefile.dep

Compile the code:  Peter van Hoof's makefile is available here (Unix end of lines).  Place it in the same directory as the source and Makefile.dep, then execute the command


to compile the code.  The resulting executable will be named cloudy.exe.  This will only work with the gnu make, which may be named gmake on your system. 

The file "Makefile" has been set up for an optimized compilation with gcc. It can be altered easily for other compilers by editing the "CC", "CFLAGS", and "LDFLAGS" fields in the file. A full compilation from scratch can be forced by issuing the commands:

make clean

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