Quasars as Standard Candles for Cosmology

May 18-22, 1998
La Serena, Chile

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Workshop Overview

The art of the pisco sour, by Juani Baldwin, 1 page

  xxxxxx, Joe Wampler

The Continuum

Introduction to observations and  models of the continuum, Gary Ferland

The Spectral Energy Distributions of Active Galactic Nuclei, by Belinda J. Wilkes, 28 pages

Corona Energy Budget in AGN and GBHCs, by Sergei Nayakshin, 12 pages

The Ionizing Continuum of Quasars, by Ari Laor, 10 pages

X-Ray dependencies on luminosity in AGN, by K. Nandra, 10 pages

Evolutionary Baldwin Effect in AGN, Amri Wandel, 12 pages

Pressure Ionization Instability:  Connection between Seyferts and GBHCs, by  Sergei Nayakshin, 11 pages


Intro by Beverly J. Wills

QSOs: Orientation & Cosmology, Peter Barthel, 6 pages

The 7C Redshift Survey - Understanding radio-loud quasars and radio galaxies, by C.U. Willott, S. Rawlings, & K.M. Blundell, 10 pages

Reverberation Analysis

Review by Keith Horne

Active Galaxies as Standard Candles for Cosmology from Continuum Reverberations in Accretion Disk Structures, by Stefan Collier, Keith Horne, Bradley Peterson, & Ignas Wanders, 10 pages.

BLR Modeling: A New Approach, by Shai Kaspi & Hagai Netzer, 10 pages

Origin of BLR Clouds

Intro by Kirk Korista

Clues to QSO Luminosities from BAL Outflows, by T.M. Yamamoto, 9 pages

Emission Line Correlations

A Review of Line and Continuum Correlations in AGNs, by Patrick S. Osmer & Joseph C. Shields, 30 pages

Review: Emission Lines and the High Energy Continuum, by Paul J. Green, 27 pages

Probing the UV Bump with Emission Lines, by Wei Zheng, 19 pages

Continuum Anisotropy from the Line and Continuum Correlation, by T. Wang, Y. Lu, & Y Zhou, 11 pages

SEDs vs Emission-Line Correlations in Low Redshift Quasars, by Joanna Kuraszkeiwicz, Belinda J. Wilkes, Paul J. Green, Smita Mathur, Jonathan McDowell, & B. Czerny, 10 pages

Spectral dependence of the Broad Emission-Line Region in AGN, by Amri Wandel, 6 pages

The UV Properties of the Narrow Line Quasar I Zwicky 1, by Ari Laor, 10 pages

Principle Component Analysis

Introduction to Principal Components Analysis, by Paul J. Francis & Beverly J. Wills, 10 pages

The PG X-Ray QSO sample, Links between the UV-X-Ray Continuum and Emission Lines, by Beverly J. Wills, M. Brotherton, et al., 12 pages

Correlation between Si III] 1892/CIII] 1909 and FeII 4500/Hb in low redshift QSOs, by Kentaro Aoki & Michitoshi Yoshida, 10 pages.

The Intermediate Line Region and the Baldwin Effect, by M.S. Brotherton & Paul J. Francis, 11 pages.

Chemical Evolution

review by Fred Hamann

Toward an Understanding of the Baldwin Effect, by Kirk Korista, 16 pages


Review, by David Tytler

Epilogue, by Jack Baldwin

Traditional Chilena cures for pisco sour, by Juani Baldwin, 1 page

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