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The following is a preliminary outline of the meeting.  On the form please indicate which session you see as closest to your research interests, and would be willing to help organize. If you would lik to present a talk or poster please enter a title and brief abstract in the space provided. 

Day 1: Observed correlations with luminosity: continuum shape X-ray line to continuum luminosity/shape; optical/UV line to continuum luminosity/shape; dependence of these correlations on radio properties;others?

Day 2: The effect of the geometry of the BLR: Observational evidence for distributed clouds; intrinsic vs global Baldwin Effect; intermediate, very broad line regions; LOC simulations and the Baldwin Effect.

Day 3: Effects of the galactic environment:  What is the composition of the gas? Does it change with L? Does it affect the spectrum? Relation to radio properties and/or morphology?

Day 4: What is expected from the standard Unified Model? Continuum shape: what do we see vs. what does the BLR see? How is the photoionizing continuum shape expected to change with luminosity? Beaming effects, inclination effects.

Summary: Where do we go from here? Can the scatter be understood, improved?  Does theory predict other correlations?

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Please cut and paste, then fill out this form, and send it to us by email, at  The deadline is Feb 15 for reserving rooms in the main hotel.




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Main Hotel - Centro Turistico los Andes
___ Standard-size double bed, 1 person. CHP17900 per night (~US$43.)
___ Standard-size double bed, 2 people. CHP25500 per night (~US$61.)
___ Two single beds, 1 person. CHP14000 per night (~US$33.)
___ Two single beds, 2 people. CHP19900 per night (~US$47.)
___ Share a two single beds room with another workshop participant CHP 9950 per night (~US$24.)

Alternate hotel - La Serena Club Resort Hotel
___ Standard room (1 or 2 people, 2 single beds) US$ 77.
___ Suite (1 or 2 people, standard size double bed) US$102.
___ Share standard room with another participant. US$ 38.50

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